Friday, October 22, 2010


Dear diary,

This is my second week as sales engineer and yet I still do not see any major difference to my life.Here, I see no different with other place,there are people talking about their dissatisfaction. Of course, I felt uncomfortable hearing those thing as I am new here but then I wont let that affect me or influence my mind. I already determined  to stay here for a quite long time since I appreciated  to have this  job that related to my qualification compared to my previous job . Here, I learned about engineering,manufacturing stuff,machine,and  processes during my orientation.Perhaps, I wont be able to practice their application at all but to learn them is more than enough. . Orientations already over and now  my role as a sales engineer just started. With an unwanted voices and news walk along my way to become a sales engineer, I just need to strengthen my gut to work here.There still a lot of thing  for me to learn.After all, I am just a newbie...

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