Friday, December 31, 2010

new year 2011

Dear diary,

Its already entering a new year but I dont know what the meaning of this.Still don't have any new resolution,but an objective yes,which I think it will be the same for every year until I achieve it. Maybe, for this year 2011, what I really want is...someone special to share my life with?in other word a girlfriend!duhh,I am pathetic,lonely in sadness guy..well,this just a human nature that I just keep on detained it until I find the right time and  I think now is the  suitable time. However, I guess I still need to wait as I havent found those that suit me. Even if there are, its not that easy to make them mine. I am not a typical boy that can approach women easily with a sweet word that can make women fall in love. Sure, it takes an effort for me to get a girl and I waiting a bless too when the time is right with a little chance, I''ll have one..Waittt, this a engineer diaries?why I writing about love?of coz engineer need love but still ,that doesnt make any sense at all. Ok,lets jump back to engineer or job related things, I must express this, I have a boss that are nervous out of nowhere and it annoy me a lot. What to do,I am just the new employee here and still in probation. Patient is what I need right now, a lot of patient. So, this year 2011,I do hope I can maintain this job and make a useful experience of it. One year should be enough for to get another job aite?Nevertheless to say, that I will survive here and hopefully it will bring goodness to me,God wills~

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lonely in sadness~

Dear diariy,

Long time no see huh?After a while, I have lost interest on doing this but I kept my heart to continue what I did started couple of month ago. To be honest, I just dont know what to write and it feel sucks when I be able to finish one.Perhaps I am not into this, very poor in writing but still pretending I can do this.Anyway, I just doing it for fun only,its not that anyone will read this,so no worries, do it as long you can do it.Lately, loneliness is always surround me,feeling an emptyness in my life. Sometimes, I wish to share what did happen in my life but its not easy for me to search someone that I can really express my feeling, sharing with all my might without nothing to worry. Am I be able to find one that I can trust?Maybe one day as for now I'll just go trough this darkness upon me until I"ll find a light on the end of the tunnel...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

An expression..

Dear diary.

Apologize me as its been a quite a  time to do this writing. A lot of thing happen since the last time I wrote. I dont think I be able to tell all at once. Perhaps just a quick recap, going alone to SAJH, Johor in one day trip, attend a IEM Hq meeting,  IEM Annuanl Dinner Perak branch, and other thing that I am lazy to remember. Well, the event mention is kinda major thing, so no need to tell the minor thing. But, I do not wish to proceed this further and tell you more because I have no intention to elaborate into details. I just want to write but no idea actually,I woud like to express my self but its not that easy to put in a word and do the typing. So, I just type randomly until I get boring. Sigh*. I already boring,forgive me my diaries, I fail to commit upon you. This just me,  who want to express his feeling but dont how to do it .He just to naive and weak in this thing. Is it an expression?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The challenge..

Dear diary,

Its been a month...I learn so much things..the work,the people, the environment and so much more..I think I can adapt it, even there is a challenge with the environment and the management. Its common thing, I guess,anywhere it will be the same or else there will no call it 'work'. I am still learning..I will accept any challenge that comes to me, face it with the open heart and positive minded...Sales and engineering will be tough to be unite, but then this a challenge..In the another way a round, I think I'll gonna love the job and perhaps could stay for a long time.Again I say this,without a point of requisition, I'll welcome any challenge that turns over me with the excitement and patient. Maybe,this is the way should treat challenge...

Love ya~

Monday, October 25, 2010

The exception..

Dear diary,

Despite of hearing those bad things, the management conference I attended last Saturday helps a bit to balance my thought of this company. At least this makes me want to stay here for a while. And,today I have a opportunity to travel to the northern region for few days.Is it suppose to be fun?who knows?but then it really suit me.Perhaps,this is what I am looking for..or either way I have keep searching an exception for job..

Listen to The Only Exception by Paramore..

Friday, October 22, 2010


Dear diary,

This is my second week as sales engineer and yet I still do not see any major difference to my life.Here, I see no different with other place,there are people talking about their dissatisfaction. Of course, I felt uncomfortable hearing those thing as I am new here but then I wont let that affect me or influence my mind. I already determined  to stay here for a quite long time since I appreciated  to have this  job that related to my qualification compared to my previous job . Here, I learned about engineering,manufacturing stuff,machine,and  processes during my orientation.Perhaps, I wont be able to practice their application at all but to learn them is more than enough. . Orientations already over and now  my role as a sales engineer just started. With an unwanted voices and news walk along my way to become a sales engineer, I just need to strengthen my gut to work here.There still a lot of thing  for me to learn.After all, I am just a newbie...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The beginning...

This is the engineer diary,not a vampire diaries,not a log book,it is just an expression from a person who yet just become an engineer but then he do not sure either he will practices real engineering. From now on, he will writes upon his life as sales engineer,still called an engineer but then is it really an engineer? The answer might be found as this diary goes along the way. Of course,this is not all about engineer's life,it is about on person life,who about to claim his self as a writer, or a blogger as he will types anything he feels,or from his mind and try to makes some journalism here.

Well,anyway,it is just a diary,what do you expect..Until then..