Friday, December 31, 2010

new year 2011

Dear diary,

Its already entering a new year but I dont know what the meaning of this.Still don't have any new resolution,but an objective yes,which I think it will be the same for every year until I achieve it. Maybe, for this year 2011, what I really want is...someone special to share my life with?in other word a girlfriend!duhh,I am pathetic,lonely in sadness guy..well,this just a human nature that I just keep on detained it until I find the right time and  I think now is the  suitable time. However, I guess I still need to wait as I havent found those that suit me. Even if there are, its not that easy to make them mine. I am not a typical boy that can approach women easily with a sweet word that can make women fall in love. Sure, it takes an effort for me to get a girl and I waiting a bless too when the time is right with a little chance, I''ll have one..Waittt, this a engineer diaries?why I writing about love?of coz engineer need love but still ,that doesnt make any sense at all. Ok,lets jump back to engineer or job related things, I must express this, I have a boss that are nervous out of nowhere and it annoy me a lot. What to do,I am just the new employee here and still in probation. Patient is what I need right now, a lot of patient. So, this year 2011,I do hope I can maintain this job and make a useful experience of it. One year should be enough for to get another job aite?Nevertheless to say, that I will survive here and hopefully it will bring goodness to me,God wills~

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