Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lonely in sadness~

Dear diariy,

Long time no see huh?After a while, I have lost interest on doing this but I kept my heart to continue what I did started couple of month ago. To be honest, I just dont know what to write and it feel sucks when I be able to finish one.Perhaps I am not into this, very poor in writing but still pretending I can do this.Anyway, I just doing it for fun only,its not that anyone will read this,so no worries, do it as long you can do it.Lately, loneliness is always surround me,feeling an emptyness in my life. Sometimes, I wish to share what did happen in my life but its not easy for me to search someone that I can really express my feeling, sharing with all my might without nothing to worry. Am I be able to find one that I can trust?Maybe one day as for now I'll just go trough this darkness upon me until I"ll find a light on the end of the tunnel...

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