Monday, March 28, 2011

the catalysm of the ark and assylum

Dear diary,

Nice title huh?it means nothing and come out from nowher..anyway,it been a long time,about a couple of month since my last post, forgive me to forget you little by little, its just fade away time time to time. I am not good writer, eventhough right now I dun know what to write, kinda stuck up when your brain is jammed and you lost all concerntration to write, you ll keep abandon it ,and in the end you will regret if of initiate of doing this at first time..because of that,I just to keep forcing my self to write and make it done,once you start writing you need to continue until your finish,atleast you done something that complete at that time, i just want to express my self but dont know, I am just need a guidance to be a good writer,a bit advice should be enough for me to move up slowly and keep on doing this writing things~

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