Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year 2012

Dear Diary,

Well, again,its been a while, for how long huh?9 month since last post..if you are pregnant,then you will have a child now..haha,ok,seriously..what is actually happen to me?I am not sure either but now I am writing because its entering New Year  and I want to note down what is happening to me for the past 9 month,if i could remember...

As for starter , I got a new job now and it really gave me headache and stressing up compare to last job,I guess that we called "be careful what u wish for" and I think I am ok with that eventhough I take this new job with the same pay with intention to learn more and to challege and develope my self. Which it really test me to the limit with heavy load almot crushing me to the ground up until now. Nevertherless, I will still thank to God for direct me to this place and letting me to meet a person who I believe is one of the respectful man I have ever met,my boss..Just to bad, I am only spend 5 month with him, to learn all I can from him and then he just went Now, it just a matter on how you survive in this working world, which you have to,you need to..on your own..

Its getting worse for my 2011 experience as I involved with an accident, major one and it really gave me an impact to my financial-end of quarter really hard for me as I have to change my life a rugby,no active IEM involvement and no pleasuring at all..but somehow I manage to squizzed things up, being able to do what I want to do together along my financial contraint.

The devil has really into me when I had a corn in my forehead that looks alike a horn...It really create an attention to me as many had asked about this. A hell boy? Devil with one horn?and there is more..Quite annoyed me up until I have to ask a friend to do something about. We called it as "minor operation by operation engineer" which quite succesful as I manage to throw it away before the year end.

Diary, I feel sorry to left you behind all this while..I wish I can put my life in here everyday but I am no capable..I am only can told story few about me like I am doing now but in the end,its not a diary it just a piece of non-artist to create his own art which is not really a art..So I would say there is many thing I would like to tell,but too many,I cant remember it all,and I am afraid this is just it..Please let me end this non-sense writing before end of this year with one quote..

"All the pain of 2011 shall be washed away,
while the sweets to be memories within,
readiness to accept all goods of 2012,
shall it be true and belief of receiving it"

~Happy New Year 2012~

nevertheless, please let me finish the year 2011 with

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