Saturday, December 31, 2011


Dear Diary,

Its 2012 baby!!And here I am writing to you again..For this new year, I would like to do something different other than previous year..I never think to do it before, but now, I am going to do it, to set up my resolution for this year and a wishlist. And I will believe on it and ready to accept and receive it..this to to attract the positive power within me and all around so that 2012 will be one of my joyous , prosperous and wealthy year..amin..

To begin with, I shall set up some simple resolution so that I can achieve it.Let it start with a ms word numbering;

1. To settle all my debt with a friends and family.Some of them is minor and some of them is major, but then I am looking forward to pay any single debt to them so that I can concerntrate on the bigger things..PTPTN, Car Loan, etc.
2. To have a perfect body?yes, I would like to get fit and in the same time, to get slim again and a athlete body is my target all along,let have focus in this year.
3.To complete the work,assigment, task and legacy that my respectful boss had left to me. Currently, there are 3 projects that I aim to settle it down. and I want to successfully end it and in the same time to be put in my resume of life.

That's all,only 3 not that simple to achieve but I shall chase them with everything  I have.And next for the wishlist.Of course, there is a lot, but there is plan, effort and pray, I believe I will receiving this item that I wish for this year.

Wishlist 2012

1. a New laptop. Acer. Intel I7. DDR3 RAM 4G. 13.3 Inch LCD. Hardisk Memory:360G. (So specific huh?,better be, because it will be)
2. Washing machine. Fully automatic.  7 kg.
3. Refrigerator(Am I spelling it right?). A standard shoud be ok. I will check back the specs.
4.  New suit complete with shirt,pant, vest and leather shoes. (Black, shall be suit nicely and fine to my body, and definately I will look awesome with it).Suit up!!!
5. PSP Go( I have dream all along so I am including this one!!!)
6. LCD TV 32 inch( to be put in my room, with an excellent aerial, to watch the M'sian channel-TV1,TV2, TV3, 8TV, NTV7 and Channel 9)
7.Last but not least,  a girl friend?. Nice looking.  Understanding,  Hot. Kind, Bla Bla Bla Bla..

Fininsh listed all the the things I want to do for this 2012. 3 Resolution and 7 wishlist. Total sum is 10. It will be my goals and objective this year. I shall follow this guidelines that I have set up for myself. May God grant my wishes and make the path easier. Amin.

2012!!!Get ready. I am on my way~

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